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Civil War Soldiers of Branford

About the Book

The Civil War Soldiers of Branford, Connecticut is the first comprehensive history of the soldiers from this shoreline town east of New Haven. Using pension records, original letters, diaries, regimental histories, cemetery records, family genealogies, newspapers, and other resources; the author has compiled the military service and biographical record of over 400 soldiers associated with Branford, North Branford, and the village of Northford.

The book discusses Branford leading up to and during the war, enlistments, bounties, prisons, and hospitals. A chapter explains how to find Civil War pension records. A detailed chronology of the Twenty-seventh, Fifteenth, and Tenth Connecticut Volunteer Regiments is included with summaries of most other Connecticut regiments where original letters and diaries are weaved into the narrative. The largest section of the book focuses on the soldiers’ military and biographical data. Using pensions and other original documents, detail such as military service, physical description, residence, occupation, and family information is included for each soldier. The pensions provide a first-person account of the soldier during and after the war. The book has over 400 photographs and illustrations of the soldiers, gravestones, battles, military scenes, maps, and monuments. An extensive Appendix contains a timeline, list of soldiers by Regiment, glossary, draft list, bibliography, and a name and place index.

Forty-three Branford and North Branford men enlisted in the summer of 1862 in Company B of the Twentieth-seventh Connecticut Volunteer Infantry for a term of nine months. In December of that year they fought at the Battle of Fredericksburg, Virginia at Marye’s Heights where the ranks of the 27th were decimated. On May 3, 1863 the Regiment fought at the Battle of Chancellorsville, Virginia; most of the men were captured and sent to Libby Prison in Richmond. A few went on to fight in the Battle of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

Sixty Branford and North Branford men served in the Fifteenth Connecticut Volunteer Infantry and were captured at the Battle of Kinston or Wise’s Fork, North Carolina on March 8, 1865. Other local soldiers enlisted for three years in the Tenth Connecticut Volunteer Infantry which saw action during the Virginia campaign of 1865. Branford men served in nearly every Connecticut volunteer regiment.

The Civil War soldiers of Branford and North Branford are brought to life beyond the dates and battles, using their own words and those of their comrades to enhance our understanding of their service and its effect on their lives after the war.

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Branford Town Historian’s Book Chronicles Lives of Local Civil War Soldiers