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Civil War Soldiers of Branford

Winner of the 2014 Best Resource Publication from the Connecticut Society of Genealogist


Branford, Connecticut’s Town Historian Jane Bouley has compiled the military service records and biographical histories of nearly 450 soldiers, using pension records, original letters, diaries, regimental histories, cemetery records, family genealogies, newspapers, and other resources. This is the first comprehensive history of Civil War soldiers from Branford, North Branford, and the village of Northford. Inside, you will learn about Branford during the war, enlistments, bounties, prisons, and hospitals, as well as how to find Civil War pension records yourself; read a detailed chronology of the Twenty-seventh, Fifteenth, and Tenth Connecticut Volunteer Regiments, with summaries of most other Connecticut regiments; meet the soldiers themselves through military and biographical data including pensions and other original documents that detail military service, physical description, residence, occupation, family information, and first-person accounts during and after the war; discover more than 400 photographs and illustrations of the soldiers, gravestones, battles, military scenes, maps, and monuments; and explore the extensive Appendix which includes a Civil War timeline, list of soldiers by Regiment, glossary, draft list, bibliography, and a name and place Index.

Branford Town Historian’s Book Chronicles Lives of Local Civil War Soldiers

Winner of the Connecticut Society of Genealogists, Inc., 2015 Annual Literary Awards Contest for Best Genealogical Resource Publication, this book is a Civil War researcher's dream. It is a plethora of material and captivating illustrations that highlights 450 soldiers using federal, state, military and family records that tell the soldiers' stories. The author clearly and entertainingly illustrates those community contributions with more than 400 photos and illustrations, including the soldiers' gravestones. We seldom realize the significance of the soldiers who represented our Connecticut communities during the times ofa "state vs. state conflict." Not only did I personally find this book entertaining, but also realize its value as a researcher's personal source of information for that difficult time for America. The author assists the reader with a host of reading aids making this document a simple road to follow, beginning with the usual table of contents and concluding with a massive index. This source is one a researching genealogist will read for pleasure, then for its narrative richness and once again for another dose of intellectual stimulation.

- Connecticut Society of Genealogist

“Comprehensive and compelling. A fascinating history of Branford's Civil War soldiers with interesting details, not just of the battles, but of their lives.”

- Margaret Voss, PhD

“Congratulations on your wonderful book!!!  The compilation of material is now a treasure piece for the towns of Branford and North Branford, in addition to anyone interested in the Civil War. It is also an inspiration to fellow researchers.  Your years of hard work have paid off.” 

 - Tracy Thompson Tomaselli, Guilford